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Your escape route is ready folks; just follow the trail out as all prisoners do. Use this route.....

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Three alleged killers escape La Joya prison September 29th 2019

Three alleged killers escaped from the La Joya prison on Friday night, September 27.

They are: Yair Aldamir Restrepo Barrera, José Luis Magallón Chérigo and Edgar Luis Beitía Lester, says the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System (DGSP) who entered La Joya in 2012.

The National Police have initiated a major search and, the DGSP said investigations will begin to determine responsibilities.

When escaping from La Joya, its public knowledge. Next the state might install street lighting, and a pay phone along the way. It is harder to break into a Panamanian prison as it is to break out, go 'Forest Gump, Run...'

Facts you should know before escaping the La Joya penitentiary:

1. Escape at night

2. Go with a friend

3. Take a packed lunch

4. Do Not cut the fence under any circumstances in your escape, if you do you will charged with damaging public property that will land you an extra 5 years on your sentence. By scaling the fence you only have to serve your existing sentence, and a good beating by the police. Looking at this site you will see ladders are readily available from building 6, but please make sure they are returned.


For Mr Miguel thankfully he does not have to jump the fence being the police commando has made him gate keeper and given him all the keys to building 6, all the officer who worked at building 6 were is too lazy to get off his seat to open the gate.

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