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Yet another La Joya prison riot, this time sends 10 to hospital: July 8th 2019

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Under this new PRD government, drugs, shootings and corruption still exist, these drugs do not arrive into La Joya via DHL or FedEx, corruption is still in the system making it a catalyst for trouble. These typical types of events take place by the greedy and low paid corrupt police, and prison guards who are allowing these illegal items to enter La Joya undetected.

In the TVN-2 video’s below on the morning news is showing exactly what was seized, including 1000’s of cigarette’s, cases of Liquor, drugs, and cell phones, this amount of goods cannot be smuggled into Panama’s largest prison without the assistance of the authorities, considering the hundreds of police officers on duty and the hundreds of surveillance cameras.

Panama Human rights informants send true videos of the shootout that took place inside the notorious La Joya prison; thankfully they did not seize our informant’s phone.

Posted by Newsroom Panama 08/07/2019

Special police units were rushed to the La Joya prison in Pacora, Panama East. On Monday morning, July 8 when a brawl erupted and shots were exchanged injuring over a dozen inmates.

La Joya houses some of Panama’s most notorious gang members and killers.

The shootings started in block 4 soon after illegal drugs were seized, according to early reports. Suppliers and some officials were quickly evacuated to ensure their safety as National Police Crowd Control Units moved in.

Ambulance paramedics from Sume 911 gave first aid to the wounded. Three prisoners were transferred to the hospital in Diciembre 24, where they were stabilized and then moved to the Santo Tomás Hospital, while another 7 were transferred directly.

The head of the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System, Walter Hernández, moved to the prison to gather more information.

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