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“Wild Bill” will introduce his future wife and promote his new book whilst in detention.

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Holbert's lawyer, Claudia Alvarado, confirmed that the conference will take place in the next few hours.

William "Wild Bill" Dathan Holbert confirmed that this week he will hold a press conference to officially present his future wife, who is pregnant.

The press conference will be held before the wedding, which will be held in the public jail of David, where he is being held in custody for the prosecution of more than five homicides allegedly committed in Bocas del Toro.

La Joya and La Joyita have a capacity of 14,711 male inmates, so you can imagine how many unwanted children are born, especially as Panamá is a Catholic state, where condoms are forbidden under the faith. Would this type of practice be acceptable or responsible in Pope Francis’ eyes? But the state of Panamá embraces this act without no forethought about the children. Once born, the child will have a right, and that right is to have a mother and a father. 

Any responsible male parent in prison who does want to take responsibility for his actions and wants to bond with his conjugal child is barred from doing so till the child reaches the age of three. Marriage services are permitted on extremely rare occasions, so the child will not grow up as a bastard child, but who was the child’s father? It could be any one of 14,711. Click this link regarding mega La Joya sex visits.

The catodials (prison guards) have total control over this practice surrounding Building 8. Many corrupt castodials earn good money on a regular basis in providing this service; many earn upwards of $300 - $500 extra dollars to supplement their low wages. It is totally at the discretion of the administration who can visit and who cannot. The castodials do not care as long as they receive their commission.

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