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Wild Bill, killer of five, married in jail

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

William Dathan Holbert, 39, better known as "Wild Bill", serving a 47-year prison term for the murder of at least five American expats in Bocas Del Toro married a 23-year-old Chiriqui woman on Thursday, January 24 at a private ceremony held in the community hall of the state prison in David.

The young woman who married Williams Dathan Holbert is from the community of Paso Canoas, district of Barú, reports La Critica.

The ceremony was conducted by the David first circuit notary in David in the afternoon

Dathan Holbert's lawyer, Claudia Alvarado, was the witness of the marriage that took place in the prison. It was Holbert's second attempt at a jailhouse marriage since he was jailed. The last one fell through in 2015. His ex-wife is also in jail for her role in the murders

Holbert, who claims to have “found God” was sentenced to 47 years and one month in prison after being found guilty of murdering the five Americans in Cauchero Island, Bocas del Toro

However, the defense filed an appeal because the sanction was applied with the new Criminal Procedure Code (SPA) and not with the Code that was in force at the time of the events, with the inquisitorial system.


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