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What are the United Nations basic principles for the treatment of prisoners?.....

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

If Panama had followed these basic principles, Mark Bodden would still be alive today. Reading this UN report on this blog below shows clearly that the state failed Mark Bodden & Arthur Porter, who both died a painfull and needless death. President Varela under your watch you have British, American, and Caymanian blood on your hands through lack of good governance, and for that we at Panama Human Rights place the shame on you and your country for these serious violations. Maybe Pope Francis can not see through your smoke and mirror tricks, if he could, He would find a completely different person who does not care about humanity, his people, or the basic principles of human rights.

Adopted and proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 45/111 of 14 December 1990

What is a Human Right? The link below explains what all humans’ rights are, regardless of faith, colour or beliefs. If you think or believe after reading this article and viewing the video content, including evidence and believe Mark Bodden did die an unavoidable death and his basic human rights were violated, then his case must be investigated and brought before the Special Rapporteur on torture and ill-treatment in the Netherlands.

The Government of Panamá must and should publicize the developments on his case, including a Panamanian Government decission to begin the investigation, prosecution, and possible conviction of those guilty of abuse and to provide reparations to Mr. Bodden’s family.

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