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Welcome to La Joya’s Gentlemen’s ClubCaters Only for the.....

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

VIP’s, the Rich, the famous, & wealthy Drug Lords

Many high end drug lords played for big state poker, this was one game that Panama Human Rights infiltrated. The rule in Panama prisons is the maximum monies allowed per prisoner was not to exceed $20, but for these guys the opening betting started at $20, with no cap.

The pit boss could earn upwards of $100 just for his services, the only difference was the drinks were not free, even though they were freely available upon request and could be served up by one of our stunning transsexual’s bomb shells, Sandy, Brenda or Alaska.

Ready to jump the fence boy’s, I 'll be serving you your drinks tonight, for free!

Panama papers are still alive and well thanks with the help of Western Union, inmates can still play high stakes poker but this time it’s with their own money!

“As Panama reels from outrage at legal loopholes that help the worlds wealthy hide their cash, inmates at the capital's La Joya prison are paying a heavy price for flaws elsewhere in the Central American nation's justice system. Housed in makeshift cells because of heavy overcrowding, living in grimy conditions and with limited medical attention, many prisoners languish for years without being sentenced. A 2016 report by Open Society Foundations found Panama had the world's highest pre-trial detention rate as a percentage of the country's wider population.”

“There is no limit to pre-trial detention” in practice, said Juan Carlos Arauz, a Panamanian lawyer and vice president of the National College of Lawyers. He said more than 60 percent of the prison population has not been sentenced. Prisons have sometimes "life-threatening" conditions, according to a 2016 report by the U.S. State Department, which cited deadly prison fights and too few guards”.

La Joya even produced its own in house lottery using the numbers drawn from the Panamanian national lottery results which took place every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. Inmates made money from selling numbers for $3 using a grid system and placing a name to each number as shown below:

Gambling Board Games with stakes starting from as little $100 to a staggering $3000 mega jackpot

Above prison guards placing bets $10 bets on dominos

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