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We at Panama human rights totally endorse President Varela going to jail for his human right.....

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

crimes against humanity, he may have the next cell to Ricardo Martinelli, with Gods blessing. Usually after a President leaves offices the roaches will find the holes in the woodwork and expose all, let’s hope these denuncias stick too both the president & Vice President. We at Panama human rights have moles inside the female prison too. We, hopefully in 2019, will show the vice president in her new accommodation block, our panama human right supporters will give her a welcome like no other, watch this space!

New denunciations include President Varela,

Three new denunciations have landed on the table of the National Assembly Credential Committee, including one targeting President Juan Carlos Varela.

They are added to 12 other complaints already resting with the committee against magistrates of the Supreme Court and of the Vice President, Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado.

Denunciations against Supreme Court Judges are handled by the Credentials Committee while the Court deals with complaints against deputies, an arrangement largely believed to deliver a quid quo pro or mutual back-scratching exercise.

The committee, which itself is the focus of civil society as it is the centre of a political crisis over its makeup, and is facing confrontation with the government administration plans to start evaluating the complaints on Tuesday next week, likely generating more controversy.

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