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We at panama human rights asks the question; why human right violations are taking place in 2019!...

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

One of the major factors in prison is that the prison guards are not being paid enough and attempt to exploit inmates to earn extra money to pay for items like: Work boots, and to subsidize their families on such a small wage. Below is a typical example where a prison guards work boots are falling apart, being that President Varela is not paying a fair wage for a day’s work, and this is where the catalyst for corruption starts by guards charging for basic human right privileges such as exercise & water.

Custodians of prisons carried out work stoppage

Throughout the 5 year term President Varela has achieved no positive reviews on his tortoise approach regarding the penitentiary system, if anything he has moved the country backwards 20 years to the Noriega era. This backward approach can be seen below where many Panamanians are condemning the president for his lack of compassion when it comes to human rights, and the injustices by the state.

Everyone in Panama has someone they know who has been affected by the president somehow, either being in prison or being harassed by his police.

Panamanians families up in arms over the penitentiary’s hard line approach, these visitors are the mums, dads, and wife’s to the prisoners, inmate rely on this life line to bring in vital supplies to survive, the state does not provide the most basic of items such as toilet paper , clean drinking water or general hygiene supplies.

The barrage of protests are relentless and will continue until President Varela takes back control of his prisons, pays his staff a fair living wage, and improves the conditions for inmates.

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