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Vice president Isabel de Saint Malo claims her government abides by all laws and is transparent.....

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

We, at panama human rights require Isabel de Saint Malo, and her government to read our site before making such false claims publicly.

Read: Emails from Nick Tuffney to the Panamá embassy here

British government conspiring with the enemy so as not to assist Mr Tuffney in his fight for justice and his basic human rights to family!

Pictured below (Centre) is the British Ambassador to Panama, Damion Potter alongside Isabel De Saint Malo, Vice president, (Right) who is also head of ministry for foreign affairs to Panama.

Both of these people had been informed regarding Mr Tuffney’s expulsion, torture, and his fight for justice to see his son. Boris Johnson was also head of the Ministry of Foreign affairs at the time this photo was taken, yet still not one of them has come to Mr Tuffney’s aide.

Partying it up with yet again, Ambassador Damion Potter with the enemy, Isabel de Saint Malo, this time at the Ambassador’s residence in Panama, whilst Mr Tuffney sits in London helpless in his fight for his children.

Yup below this the Ambassador yet again, this time he mixes with the President of Panama, both individuals knew of Mr Tuffney’s situation but decided social events and parties took precedence over human rights. Shame on you both for not giving Mr Tuffney a basic right like you enjoy, that is right to family.

Lawyers, including Panama Human condemn the move to replace jail time with teaching post for the Vice President’s brother, hopefully next will be the Vice President, then the President! 6th September 2019

Above the convicted launderer, sister and former president Varela in happier days, now they have left their post, oil and water is now seperating showing criminals start at the top down.

Sentenced four months ago to five years jail time for laundering money from Odebrecht bribes, engineer Raúl Alberto de Saint Malo García, brother of former Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo, has not spent a day behind bars and is now awaiting a hearing to decide if his penalty can be changed to “community work” defined in his request as teaching in a maritime museum.

Prosecutor Tania Sterling, is expected to oppose the replacement of the sentence requested by the defense.

Five years for Raúl De Saint Malo, one down two to go, it will only be a matter of time before we see cracks in the previous administration where funds were illegally spent.

Already the Compliance Judge, Angeline Hernández denied Saint Malo, the request for the replacement of the sentence to serve as a teacher at the Maritime University of Panama (UMIP).

Lawyer and journalist Maribel Cuervo de Paredes said that the "defense of the confessed corrupt insists on finding a way to teach in college and avoid going to jail. Local corruption undressed the number of cowards who with no manhood steal from the State, but do not have enough courage to pay for their crimes.”

Bad example Law professor Miguel Antonio Bernal and other lawyers have stated that given the seriousness of the fact that Raúl de Saint Malo, was investigated and received the sentence of five years in prison, replacing that penalty with classes in a university, does not send the correct message to the young students.

Bernal also mentioned equality for all citizens. "If this change of Saint Malo is granted, the same benefit should be given to the rest of those in prisons for similar crimes," he warned.

Below is the British embassy in Panama 2013 celebrating Human Rights whilst exactly at this same timeline Mr Tuffney was chained 24/7 to the bars of La Palma jail in public view. Still to this day the British embassy denies any wrong doing regarding Mr Tuffney’s complaint despite the Special Rapporteur on torture in Geneva awarding him the case.

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