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UK National Leo Francis Morgan, 13 years of human right abuses, and still suffering in La Joya today

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

and the British Embassy turns a blind eye!

Brief history:

Mr Leo Morgan is a UK citizen and has been in La Joya living in extreme, inhumane conditions for over 13 years, Leo is an avid boxer and when allowed teaches a boxing school for students, recently Leo arranged a tournament with his students and won spectacularly.

Leo is a very clever individual, speaks 9 languages fluently, and a Mensa, with time to spare Leo helps other students practice Russian & Spanish.

Leo was not caught out by the police, but caught out by his daughter, his daughter was Colombian and wanted a UK passport, she took her father’s UK Passport without him knowing into the Embassy, the Embassy then informed the authorities, who then found Leo.

Leo was extremely frustrated with the British Embassy lack in assisting him with the most basic of requests, and so decided to put pen to paper and write to the UK foreign and common wealth office in London.\

Read: Leo Francis Morgan shares his testimony of the torture being undertaken in La Joya prison, Panamá. Click here to read his story.

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Prison boxing team ran by Leo Morgan

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