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UK Government appears to care more about trade than human rights, MPs say

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Foreign Affairs Select Committee says Government appears to overlook the abuses of countries it trades with.

The UK is increasingly giving the impression that it cares more about trade and security than human rights with the Government apparently overlooking abuses in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain, and Panamá, MPs have warned.

The Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee said the omission of Egypt and Bahrain from the Foreign Office’s list of countries requiring special attention on human rights helped foster the idea it "has become more hesitant in promoting and defending international human rights openly and robustly".

Last year, the Foreign Office's most senior civil servant admitted to MPs that human rights were "not one of our top priorities" and that the "prosperity agenda is further up the list".

Ambassador Damion Potter knows that Mr Tuffney has been deported away from his children for life, and does nothing to up hold Mr Tuffney’s right to family or the rights of his British children, pictured below is Damion Potter mixing with the director of the nations immigration agency.

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