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Two people's stories, presumed guilty!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

On the evening of 18 December 2012, boarding school teacher Simon Warr, who had been described by his Headmaster as one of the outstanding schoolmasters of his generation, was arrested at his home following an allegation of historical child abuse.

The complainant was unknown to Warr other than the fact he happened to be a pupil in a school where Warr had taught over thirty years previously. Even though there was no evidence to support the complainant's allegation, Warr was kept on bail for nine months before being charged. He then had to wait a further thirteen months for the case to go to trial.

This is the story of how Simon Warr spent 672 days on bail, single-handedly mounting his defence against the seemingly limitless resources of a police incident room team. In the end, however, truth is the strongest resource of all, and the jury took fewer than forty minutes to acquit him unanimously on all charges.

Despite gaining his freedom, Warr lost his home, his career, his reputation, an extraordinary amount of money and, of course, his peace of mind. Conversely, although it became abundantly clear during the trial that the complainants were mistaken or lying, they were able to walk away with impunity and anonymity.

Presumed Guilty outlines the appalling injustices that falsely accused people have to suffer in what has become a symptom of the state’s imperfect approach to historical child sex abuse allegations. In it, Warr suggests measures that should be urgently adopted to ensure that, in these emotive cases fairness and justice prevail and that a veil of doubt is not cast over genuine abuse sufferer’s complaints.

We at Panama Human Rights defend the rights of all civilian’s including being falsely accused.

Meeting Simon Warr, furious that he was in limbo for more than a year over false allegations that he had abused his pupils while teaching. He is pleased about today's announcement limiting police bail. •Simon's book: “Presumed Guilty”

Simon Warr speaks out about his experience of being wrongfully accused

September 12, 2016

Simon Warr has recorded a powerful interview in which he describes the horrifying experience of being falsely accused of historical abuse and being publicly vilified. Although the jury found him not guilty in just a few minutes he continues to suffer. He lost his job and his house, but his accuser will not be named or prosecuted.

BBC and ITV apologise to Lord McAlpine for sex abuse allegations

The BBC and ITV have apologised to Lord McAlpine at the high court for "disastrously" and falsely linking him to allegations of child sex abuse.

Lawyers for the two broadcasters expressed "genuine remorse" and withdrew the allegations in a statement read by Sir Edward Garnier, counsel for McAlpine.

Paul Gambaccini calls for tougher action over false claims of sexual abuse

Broadcaster, who was on police bail for a year before being told there was no case against him, also says suspects should remain anonymous until charged

Cliff Richard: ‘People still think there’s no smoke without fire’

A singer who faced false sexual abuse allegations presses for anonymity for suspects

Cliff Richard has said people still think there’s “no smoke without fire” over false sexual assault allegations, as he launched a petition to give anonymity to suspects before they are charged.

The singer, whose home was raided by police in 2014 over an unfounded sexual abuse claim, said his aim was a “rebalancing of the justice system” and that suspects should be named only in “truly exceptional circumstances”.

Speaking at a launch event in Victoria Tower Gardens in Westminster on Monday, Richard said he felt his reputation “was in absolute tatters” after a South Yorkshire police investigation into him was dropped in 2016.

The singer has thrown his weight behind a parliamentary petition by the campaign group Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform (Fair) alongside the DJ Paul Gambaccini – who also faced sexual abuse claims that were later dropped.

Selfie saves man from a potential life sentence after ex-girlfriend falsely accuses him of violent attack

When 21-year-old Christopher Precopia met with a recruiter to enlist in the US Army in October, he was rejected because of the violent offence for which he had been charged last year.

Mr Precopia, of Williamson County, Texas, was arrested 22 September 2017, after his ex-girlfriend told police he had broken into her home and assaulted her – using a box-cutter to carve an “X” just below her neck, Texas ABC-affiliate KVUE reported.

Except there was one problem: Mr Precopia did not do it.

The most dangerous selfies ever taken

In oral and written statements to police, his accuser detailed how Mr Precopia had forced his way into her home, pushing her to the ground before punching her in the face and slicing her with the box-cutter.

That was news to Mr Precopia.

He was given minimal information when police took him into custody, according to his attorney Rick Flores.

When Mr Precopia asked the police why he was being arrested, Mr Flores says police told his client, “Don’t act like you don’t know.”

His accuser had told police she was attacked by Mr Precopia at 7:20 pm that same day in her Bell County home, nearly 70 miles away. Cell-phone towers also helped pinpoint Mr Precopia’s actual location, Mr Flores said.

“He was very fortunate that she chose a date and time that he just happened to have a rock-solid alibi for,” Mr Flores said. “He and I have talked many times about how lucky he is, whether you believe in a higher power or good old-fashioned luck.”

If his accuser had claimed the attack had taken place the day before or after, Mr Flores said, his client’s only excuse would have been he was sitting at home watching TV – a much less convincing alibi.

The charge was dropped on 21 June after Mr Flores took the evidence to Bell County District Attorney’s Office, he said.

“We were able to corroborate the basis of what was presented to us, and in due course, we determined the proper action was to dismiss the charge, and that’s what we proceeded to do,” Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza said in an interview on Thursday.

Mr Garza added that the Bell County Attorney’s Office will ultimately determine if charges will be made against Mr Precopia’s accuser for making a false statement. KVUE reported on Tuesday that Mr Precopia’s accuser has not been charged with a crime.

Criminal defence attorney Letty Martinez discusses what you should do if you are wrongly accused of rape.

Liam Allan was coming home from football in January 2016 when he was arrested by police on suspicion of rape. Liam’s life was turned upside down, with him facing six charges of sexual harassment and six charges of rape, and looking at a minimum of ten years in jail if found guilty. After spending almost two years on bail as a rape suspect, his ordeal came to end on 14th December 2017 when police failed to reveal critical evidence proving his innocence to the court was discovered, resulting in the case's collapse. Liam joins This Morning with his mum Lorraine to tell the story of his two-year nightmare.

Accused of rape by a fellow student, Brian Banks accepted a plea deal and went to prison on his 18th birthday. Years later he was exonerated with the help of the California Innocence Project. He’s joined on Megyn Kelly TODAY by Project director Justin Brooks and former prosecutor Loni Coombs, with whom he now examines other potentially wrongful convictions on the series “Final Appeal.”

Mark Pearson, a man who was falsely accused of sexual assault, is today a free man but says more needs to be done to protect the falsely accused.

Bellevue police chief wants a woman who falsely accused him of rape to be held accountable.

Alabama Bill Would Make False Rape Allegations A Crime | All In | MSNBC

TV weather woman Hiedi Jones told police she escaped from an attempted rape but is now accused of making it all up.

Reintegration back into society after spending, at times, up to half on your life in prison is one of the biggest hurdles for exonerees. We document Gregory Counts' experience reintegrating after being falsely accused of gang rape and serving 26 years in prison.

A woman gets one year in jail after pleading guilty to making false rape allegations against two Sacred Heart University football players; the attorney for the men accused reacts on 'The Story.' FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most-watched television news channel for more than 15 years and according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre.

Former Sacred Heart University student Nikki Yovino, accused of lying about being raped, is expected to be sentenced Thursday.

A woman who lied to a grand jury about being raped by her ex-boyfriend went to jail Wednesday night, Cincinnati court officials said.

Authorities say a woman made up a rape claim against a Cleveland police officer. Earlier this month Kimberly Minor accused Officer Carl Walls of forcing her into sex at a Gatlinburg cabin. Now investigators say the 30-year-old woman made the claim in retaliation after Walls broke off their affair. She’s been charged with making false reports and given a $5,000 dollar bond. If convicted, she faces between two and four years in prison.

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