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Tourists & wealthy investors know before you travel to the Republic of Panama: Assassinations happen

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

On a daily basis. Many assassinations are carried out for money, some assassinations are arranged from inside the La Joya prison. Below are just some videos of what Panama truly is which the travel brochures won’t tell you.

Broad daylight shootings increase as slaughter tops 254

September 3rd 2019. As Panama’s homicide/femicide count continues past 254, assassinations and attempts in broad daylight and in front of witnesses are becoming more common.

On Monday, September 2 a woman and a man were hit by a hail of bullets during a car chase on Transistmica which began at the traffic light of San Judas in Colón

They were both transferred to the hospital.

Early reports said two men have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Ex-pat murdered in Colon, car found in Panama City, 31st July 2019

The vehicle belonging to an ex-pat who was murdered in an exclusive retirement are in Colon on Wednesday, July 31 was found abandoned on La Amistad Avenue in Panama City, on Saturday morning.

Dutch citizen René Antoon Pul Van Sprang, 69, was shot and killed at his home in Isla Verde, Vigía, in the Lake Alajuela district, in the corregimiento of Nuevo San Juan. The killers took the Mercury brand truck,

The body was found by a staff member when he arrived for work the next day

In the same area, a French resident was bound and robbed by armed men earlier in the year.

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