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Tough times count for tough measures, including making your own mousetraps from scraps of wood.

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Rats and mice outnumbered inmates 3 to 1, so the battle was on!

The state never fumigated or took care of building six, it was left down to inmates to kill the vermin, below is evidence that their hard work paid off. Beside Building Six having every vermin available, it also was a zoo for animals, many had pet snakes, cats including dogs with puppies and the odd stray alligator, including sloths.

These lovely little inmates below: “Amber & Fred” were sentenced to 15 puppy years for misbehaving, now they are in cell A16, Building Six…., They love fried rat.

Sadly, this little chap below did not make it to a cell; he was captured on the perimeter fence, and then fried as a starter for the inmates in Cell A-14.

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