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Inmate from building 6 La Joya are so frustrated by the lack of food they take it upon themselves...

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

to telephone the television channel and go live on national TV to vent their frustration about the lack of respect to internationals when it came to being feed. President Varela denying internationals food, and not giving them a well balanced diet is in breach of their fundamental human rights. The blogs we have posted here on panama human rights can not all be fake news, so why has this government been moving as fast as a turtle, we strongly believe this president does not give a dam when it comes to human life, including his own people. All the videos on this site are from when, you Mr President took office, up until to-date.

#Torture #LaJoyaprisonPanamá #IACHR #UNHCR #PanamáGovernment #PresidentVarela #Testimonial

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