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To hell with health & safety, let all the international inmates die!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Fire & Safety

With this many people in a confined space, you would think that the Panamanian Fire Marshal would order a Fire drill and for people to be familiar with their meeting points in case of an emergency ever happened, as with any public building, it is the law that covers health and safety issues in public areas.

As you can see from all my other exhibits, Panama flaunts every law to the maximum, and is not held accountable to any international body at all until now !

This international abuse will certainly stop people from going anywhere near Panama and will kill there tourism in its tracks, if this ever gets exposed.

One of the greatest dangers and violations within the prison is the quantity of people per fire exit. There is one exit to the building shared by 520 people. In attempt to contextualise this figure, below (left) there are just 50 people, amounting to a mere 10% of the population who would need to exit the building through a single 90 cm width door (below right) in the highly probable scenario of a fire.

The picture above is the gymnasium which sleeps at any one time, 150 people. The remainder of the prison must pass through this gymnasium, through a standard sized door and exit the building through another standard door (above) resulting in a funnelling system dramatically reducing the likelihood of inmates getting to safety in the event of a fire. Additionally, to prevent the guards conducting night time raids the prisoners who hold the keys to the gymnasium lock themselves in. The designated person to look after the keys is a cocaine addict. In the event of a fire if this set of keys was to be lost or the door leading to the rest of the prison was not to be opened in time this would inevitably lead to the death of approximately 350 internationals.

Nikki, key holder, and cocaine addict to building 6

It would not be unfair to state that should the Fire Marshall cause an inspection of these facilities, he would be obligated by law to immediately close the building for non-compliance of basic accepted international regulations regarding fire safety in public gathering places and the danger provoked.

Between 5 pm and 7 am there are no guards on the doors, the closest guards are in fact 0.25 miles away. The only way to communicate with the night watch in the case of an emergency is by making a great disturbance.

Besides not having the chance of getting out of this building in an emergency, they have welded the back doors shut. To guarantee we all do die..

Shame on you Panama !

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