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This is what the Panamanian state calls acceptable, British Mark Bodden just hours before his death.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Perched nine feet in the air on his makeshift bed that the British Embassy thought was acceptable, they did nothing, despite Mark’ protests to his Embassy. Pictured right is Dr Arthur Porter’s medical report on Mark Bodden’s health after his fall.

Below is the video testimony recorded 27/07/2019 of an inmate who lived with Mark Bodden in cell block ‘A’, Building six on the night of his fatal death. He explains how he died.

Alcohol played a major factor into Mark’s death, pictured below is a fellow inmate called “Buck” paying his respect to Mark, holding two bottles of the President of Panama’s Rum brand “Ron Abuelo”

Mark’s voice calling home to his family in the Cayman Islands just before his death.

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