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The press criticizes the Panamanian government over their non-transparent ways of doing business.

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

The words above are systemic of Panama’s sneaky and non-transparent way of doing business, without accountability or responsibility and a total disregard with respect to international laws.

Excluding the Panama papers Pasco where many people were pulling teeth in trying to find the truth. Below is a typical example of Panama’s failings yet again when not responding to a foreign state.

Cayman Islands death of a 24-year-old British national

'Cayman authorities had worked diligently to get more information from Panama, she noted, but was unsuccessful. “We did try,” she told jurors before they considered their verdict. Dr. Jyoti explained that an autopsy had already been performed in Panama, but a complete report from that procedure was not available.'

View the full story here:

Fallout from 'Panamá Papers' widens

Panamanian Ambassador to the UK Daniel Fábrega says Panamá will work with the international community to crack down on corruption. The question is when ?

Source: CNN

How in 2018, could the Ambassador - Daniel Fábrega honestly say on live television that he and his President are honestly cleaning up corruption in Panamá. This government has had five years to stamp out corruption and to be transparent, but still the cancer continues to spread unabated. Hopefully, in 2019 a new government will take a more serious approach in cracking down on corrupt government officials.

Embassy staff living the high life in Mayfair, London, while Mr Tuffney suffers mental anguish, all he wants to see is that justice is being served, by replying to his letters, for the wrongs that were done to him.

To date, nine emails have been sent to 3 different mailboxes, including the Ambassador’s over a three month period in 2018, but still, to date we are awaiting a response!

President Varela vows to obey Human Rights Violations

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