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The American Embassy buying security scanners for Panama rather than focusing on human rights of...

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

its own people suffering in panama’s prisons is a total joke. Mr Tuffney on numerous occasions was wheeled in and out of La Joya in a wheelbarrow due to his condition, wheelchairs are non-existent. The Embassy in Panama needs to get a reality check as to what is truly needed for its citizens, and focus more on human rights issues than publicity stunts, the scanners will be broken in a week, or vandalised, being corruption is systemic in the penitentiary due to low wages

Left to right: Penitentiary System Director Armando Medina; Government Minister Carlos Rubio, Chargé D'Affairs Roxanne Cabral, INL Director David Foran

Panama City, October 3, 2018. Today, Panama’s Ministry of Government and the U.S. Embassy in Panama dedicated two new high technology scanners at La Nueva Joya prison facilities. This screening equipment aims to prevent drugs, weapons, mobile phones, and other forbidden items from entering prison facilities.

The scanners, valued at US$220,000 each, are a contribution of the U.S. International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Office (INL). The scanners represent the first specific outcome of the Memorandum of Understanding between INL and the Ministry of Government, signed in September, to prevent and fight organized crime.

“The U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Government are committed to work together to improve the security at Panamanian prisons and safeguard the human rights of its personnel, prisoners and visitors, making sure that illegal activities end once the criminals are arrested and sentenced. This will allow the prisons to concentrate on rehabilitation efforts,” said U.S. Embassy in Panama Chargé d’Affairs Roxanne Cabral.

With this contribution, the U.S. Government expresses its continuing commitment to increase law enforcement capabilities and develop an effective security cooperation strategy with the Republic of Panama.

Chargé D’Affairs Roxanne Cabral tests security scanner.

Left to right: Government Vice-Minister Gina de Sossa, Government Minister Carlos Rubio, INL Director Dave Foran, Penitentiary System Director Armando Medina

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