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United Nations' Rapporteur on Tourture backs the case, but Panama stays silent.

On 12th June 2015 barrister John Jones QC and barrister Greame Hall from Doughty Street Chambers, Mayfair, London, filed a petition for Mr. Tuffney's human rights case to the UN High Commission in Geneva.

The judge awarded Mr. Tuffney the case and advised he should receive redress for the damage done, and that this case should be publicised in Panama. Furthermore the judge instructed that the perpetrators involved should be prosecuted by Panamanian authorities. The Rapporteur of Torture even sent a letter directly the President demanding his action on the case - copies availble in both English and Spanish.

Sadly, Panama do not recognise the United Nations as an authority and have refused to take any action since this case was awarded back in 2015. Meanwhile President Varela told the IACHR "Our country respects and complies with the judgements issued by this body (IACHR), faithfully respecting its constitutive legal framework".

Since the the court's decicion, Mr. Tuffney has furthered his case to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Washington, evidenced here.

Click the below PDF image to view the claim made by the barristers in full:

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