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Sixth prisoner found with coronavirus in Colon jail

ANOTHER Five other inmates at the Nueva Esperanza prison in Colón tested positive for COVID-19, official sources reported. Bringing the number of inmates infected with the virus to six.

The Penitentiary System directorate has released a fourth list of 33 inmates who qualify for a reduction in sentence, 26 of them belong to Nueva Esperanza.

Sources of the Penitentiary System say that the inmates of Nueva Esperanza who have tested positive have been transferred to the former Basilio Lakas juvenile center. The minors who were there were transferred to a new shelter.

702 prisoners with coronavirus

Jails are being disinfected

The number of cases of coronavirus in Panama’s overcrowded prisons have climbed to 702 confirmed by the Penitentiary System on Thursday, June 4.

The center of Santiago (Veraguas) has the highest number of affected detainees.

There has been an increase of 38 new cases since Monday.

The management of the Penitentiary System said that there are 133 cases in the Santiago prison and that yesterday, on Wednesday, the inmates who are not infected were transferred to the Ifarhu facilities in the province.

"The individuals were transferred to the facilities of the Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources (Ifarhu), located in Santiago, in coordination with the health authorities, to prevent the virus from continuing to spread within the prison compound, said a statement.

To date, from the 702 registered cases, there are 36 recovered and one death.

The Nueva Joya prison has the second-most cases of Covid-19 with 265.

In the Women's Rehabilitation Center there are 98 (21 recovered) and 26 in Nueva Esperanza, Colón province.

There are 17,882 prisoners in jails across the country.

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