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Sex, drugs & sausages: Notorious serial killer 'Wild Bill' lifts lid on life in Panama prison.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: William 'Wild Bill' Holbert, who slaughtered five US citizens including a child, claims he feasts on KFC, makes wads of cash and even spends nights with his wife behind bars

It's 6.45 am at a crowded Panamanian prison. And sitting in the shadows inside his cell, notorious serial killer William Dathan Holbert is already awake.

Locked up in a room with six other convicts, 'Wild Bill' is responsible for the brutal murders of five US citizens - including a teenage boy - in a Caribbean paradise.

Motivated by money, he slaughtered his innocent victims in the idyllic Bocas del Toro archipelago before burying their bodies on the grounds of a hostel he ran.

But in a rare WhatsApp video interview from behind bars, he shockingly tells Mirror Online: "I don't view myself as a serial killer. I killed a bunch of people to make money."

He adds: "I'm not that exceptional and the things I did are not that interesting really."

Holbert, 39, boasts that he now lives a "rock star" existence inside Chiriqui Public Prison, feasting on Pizza Hut, KFC and sausages that he barbecues himself in the yard.

"Here, I'm a rock star, man... wherever I go, I'm received very well," he says.

The notorious serial killer, originally from North Carolina, US, claims he's a "rock star" behind bars.

He poses with a wad of cash that he allegedly made in prison

Wild Bill serial killer thanks God for Panama’s beautiful people; 16th July 2019

American serial killer William Dathan “Wild Bill” Holbert, serving a 47-year jail sentence in Chiriqui for the brutal murder between 2008 and 2010 of 5 of his fellow country folk including a 16-year-old boy in Bocas del Toro has reacted to an article in Panama’s El Siglo “Wild Bill, between the anger and contempt for human life, recapping the crimes that reverberated around the world.

On August 11, 2019, the 47-year- sent a letter from the prison to the director of El Siglo.

“I want to take this opportunity to make things clear. Never in my life have I hurt any Panamanian. My crimes were completely related to foreigners, thugs and fugitives residing in the Republic of Panama.

“Make no mistake, I am a Christian. I found Jesus and Jehovah here in jail. I follow Jesus Christ; there is no God but Jehovah. I thank God for the Republic of Panama and its beautiful people”

US citizen Laura Michelle Reese, an ex-wife of Holbert, was sentenced to 26 years and 4 months in prison.

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