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Rule 21 of the penitentiary rule book: “To receive education at all levels of study including vocati

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

The information above is totally incorrect, Mr Tuffney was incarcerated for little under two years and he was not entitled to any vocational education or study because you cannot receive any of these programs until you have been convicted, and sentenced. Many inmates have been waiting 5 plus years to have their cases heard, and throughout that time they are not eligible for this program, some have even been waiting five years, only to be told they were innocent, but in the process lost 5 years of their life, with no compensation.

Schooling was limited to acquiring a grade 6 standing, not of much use it todays' world. However, those who did graduate wore their gown and board with pride. a good indication to the penitentiary system that further education would be of value and likely reduce the rate of reoffending.

When schooling did commence, the time served in classes would then be deducted from your sentence, but if you have been waiting for your sentence you have missed out on the five years where you could have reduced your sentence by a year, in La Joya many inmates would be free now, but are still languish this prison because of this asinine rule.

The same applies if you offer to work within the prison facility you can reduce your sentence, but until you are sentenced, you have no education, or occupational therapy to pass away the days and with nothing to do to fill in time inmates either slide into depression, or commit suicide.

Fair trials abroad deals with these types of injustices, sadly no one know inside the prison that there is help available using NGO who will help victims who are stuck in the judicial system.

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