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Renacer Prison, Panama's swanky VIP jail

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

The Government of President Juan Carlos Varela has announced proudly that a new cell block shall be built to accommodate the many ex-officials who have been accused of corruption. The block will house twenty VIPs and have a nice new conjugal room, as well as a store and common room for ping pong and billiards. Minister of Government Milton Henríquez laid out the plans for the new VIP prison in a public interview that can be read here.

We here at Panama Human Rights are left with mouths agape at such a blatant class distinction between inmates. In a supposed modern country that boasts a constitution guaranteeing equal rights, the government has bragged about pampering ex-officials. This proves that Panama’s justice system is a joke and a sick one.

While “prisoner” ex-ministers are having at hookers and shooting pool in Renacer Prison, the poor and starving are trying to find water and dying of dysentery 60 kilometres east in La Joya. This country needs an enema badly. It makes you understand the French Revolution just a little bit better… Andres Ehlers – Panama Human Rights

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