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Regardless of your country, all nationalities had their human rights violated by the state.

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Here we have Mr Quintin, a Canadian national, with his testimony of events

Knowing this Canadian personally from La Joya I can truly say he is a true Christian, with a massive heart and a strong belief in family. Many inmates who were less fortunate have a lot to thank this superhero for, on many occasions Quintin purchased Mattresses, water & toiletries for new inmates who had just arrived with nothing; many inmates who arrive only had the clothes they arrived in. Quintin’s life line was a true blessing as La Joya prison does not supply any uniforms, underwear, shoes or toiletries.

After having many chats with Quintin I feel he was naïve, and very stupid to take the offer of a directorship in a company he knew nothing about, especially in Latin America. Quintin ended up taking the can for others who were not so honourable in a Ponzi scheme.

Qunitin played a very special role for Panama Human Rights, being Mr Tuffney could remove the micro SD chip from his watch to see the data that was recorded, and what memory was still available to record more human rights abuses, including corruption. This was all possible using Quintin’s Samsung tablet, without his help and trust this site would not be possible.

To-date: Quintin was sent back to Canada to face trial; Quintin had no previous criminal history and had already served two years in La Joya awaiting his extradition, the judge took all of this into account and ordered Quintin to pay a fine and he was finally released. He now lives a peaceful, quiet life with his wife and child in Canada, far away from his 2 year hell ride.

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