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Prisoners in charge of security!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Only in Panamá would you see this! 200 police commandos waiting at a security gate for a prisoner to let them through, Yup! A prisoner has the keys to let them through.

The video below is the same gate, same location, same prisoner and myself on a walkabout.

Yellow T-shirt Inmate:  Pablo Olivera

The new La Joya police force of Panama was an inmate in disguise, we at Panama Human Rights would like to introduce you to Neddie who has passed through all police checkpoints unnoticed, leaving the gates wide open behind him.

If “ Neddie” can walk freely into La Joya then he may have the answer to the question to how prisoners can walk out., we think inmates dress up as a horse then gallop off into the sunset.

In the above video, the commando is giving me detailed information on the two new arrivals, mentioning they were charged with drug trafficking. Giving this type of information is totally against the police code of conduct.

When I had the chance I did get to speak to Miguel pictured (Right) I asked him where he got the key,  he said the prison director “Ronaldo Lopez” sold it to him for $50, this information came directly from the horse’s mouth, so it must be true!  

The video below explains how to copy a key for your freedom. The penitentiary system made it possible to have access to soda cans, and by doing so could quite easily have copied all the keys to the exit gates by using a Miller Lit can, and an attorney as the mule.

 Panama says “How prisoners escape”! Well, we at Panama human rights have given you the answer Mr Varela, thankfully for the inmate above this step was not necessary.

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