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Desperate cry for help from fellow inmate, as 72 year old war veteran left to starve to death.

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

In the video above are the stark images of Johnny Ray Gilbert, 72 year old war veteran from North Carolina, USA. The voice in the video is that of a fellow inmate from the UK pleading for help from the Panamanian Human Rights Authorities and the American Embassy who, as yet have failed to take any action against these atrocities.

Clearly in the video Johnny is malnourished, his feet and lower legs are swollen and he is unresponsive. This was filmed mere minutes after he had been 'checked' by medics and sent back to Building 6 in La Joya prison, a building designed to house 144 people but in fact holds 477. Panama's Human Rights officials attend the prison for 15 minutes every 2 months, yet this man's quality of life has been allowed to descend into such horrific conditions.

This type of torture happens regularly and is never followed up by the embassies or ombudsman (more evidenced here) who fear taking action could jeopardize trade links with Panama. The lack of dignity and respect for human life is so dire in these prisons that fellow inmates have resorted to begging for help; their cries should not be ignored.

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