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Panamá, all backed up with no flush in sight.

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

As recently as 09/03/2018 Western Unions were still entering the Mega La Joya facility, ferried in by corrupt staff who take their commission scoop off these much-needed funds destined for the needy.

These funds are a vital lifeline to inmates especially when you are placed in an environment where basic items such as toiletries and washing powder are non-existent and classed as a privilege. The state should, but does not provide these most basic items.

Internationals are hit the hardest by being thousands of miles away from loved ones, The Panamanians have the privilege of family visits where they can bring in much needed and vital supplies, whereas Internationals are not as fortunate, and depend solely on this money laundering service to be able to survive this harsh environment.

The saddest part about being an international is that if your family is one of the less fortunate who can not afford to send funds, you are basically on your own to face many years of humiliation and suffering degrading treatment forced upon you by the state.

Humanitarian Western Union’s sent in using WhatsApp

Many inmates when leaving La Joya walk free with the same clothes on their back as to when they first arrived, a typical example of this was:  Carlos Atencio, a Colombian, who appears under my testimony video’s left wearing the same clothes to when he first arrived 4 years ago, as Panamá does not supply a prison uniform.

If Grand La Joya was to have an audit on toiletry and sanitary supplies used in maintaining this Mega facility you will see that under the  (Toiletries) line item it would be non-existent in the outgoings in the day to day running of this facility.

Today in Grand La Joya many internationals struggle just for basic survival, many have no toilet paper and not have the funds to even call home, this is in Panama’s eyes an acceptable code of conduct!

Some embassies do not supply toilet paper and toiletries for their nationals like Columbia, Jamaica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, Canada… but here at Panama Human Rights we would like to know why these embassies have not lobbied and protested to the Panamanian government for not supplying toilet paper, this is a violation of human's basic rights but Panamá leaves this to other foreign states to pick up the bill and wipe their hands clean on this issue, when Panamanians get arrested, then incarcerated abroad they are not treated in this inhumane way, why does Panama violate its moral and legal obligations in not looking after the ones placed under their care. We at Panama Human rights say “ Shame on You Panama”. Read the book below to understand your obligations.

After reading all these horrific human right abuses inflicted by Panama, further revelations have come to light that Panama has been nominated and has established a hub for Human Rights in opening a head office for all the Americas located in Panama City.

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