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One thing the public should know before visiting La Joya is that how safe are you and your children?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

On this site, you see how many gun shootings take place. Would you be happy taking your children into this danger zone not knowing that your children may have a gun scope aimed right at their head? This administration has no consideration when it comes to the public's safety. The police logo is to protect and serve, and obviously, in La Joya that slogan does not apply. Below you will see and hear inmates fleeing bullets flying in every which direction.

Pictured above is a prisoner overlooking the family visiting area in La Joya, he has a direct line of fire to assassinate a targeted inmates family.

Pictured below is the same visiting area but the sniper is located on the west side of the visiting area, the picture is taken from the 2nd floor of cell block 2.

Sniper’s location in relation to the pictures above, overlooking the family visitation area.

This snipers position is located in building 4, right opposite the visitation area.

So, readers, you think hitmen do not exist, well this news article was published on 14th September 2019

Hitmen kill a six-year-old girl in father's arms

A six-year-old girl in the arms of her father, as he got out of his car was killed with multiple shots fired by three hitmen at 10 pm on Saturday, October 12, in the province of Colon.

The father Rayon Antonio Grahan. 42, was hit by three bullets and is in hospital in stable condition

The tragedy occurred in building 77 of the Altos de Los Lagos apartment complex.

The Public Ministry (MP) reported that two people linked to the incident were arrested and will be brought before a judge of Guarantees. La Critica reports that Grahan had been a target on at least two previous occasions.

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