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One size fits all, as Panama promotes sex, condoms to all inmates as a human right treat!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Panama Human Rights wonders why Panama does not freely supply the most basic human right items like toilet paper, but will give away non-human right items for free, such as condoms to all inmates who wish to jump that fence, rather than the real fence just meters away.

Dildos were also readily available in all colours if you paid the director Ronaldo Lopez his commission, then he would allow such prohibited items in regardless of the fact a dildo could be used as an offensive weapon, but in saying that a condom could also be used to strangulate an inmate, these asinine rules still exist to this day, if an inmate was not blessed with a large undercarriage then you would be less likely to be strangled, as it would not stretch around the neck.

On many police raids sexual pleasuring products and devices were found and confiscated, but they never seemed to find the 50 gallons of moonshine that was disguised in 5-gallon water buckets hidden in the attic area, or the cases of the presidents liquor - Ron Abuleo.

On another note, we ask the president as to why many inmates such as me were never screened upon arrival into penitentiary facility for contagious diseases such as HIV or tuberculosis. This lack in governance in prison is a serious breach of prisoner’s human rights and could place others in serious danger.

In Panama you are allowed to have sex once a month under Panamanian law, but it fails to accept the bio diversity of people in prison such as, gays, transsexuals, and others who are excluded from these activities, this law should not discriminate against your sexuality, or beliefs, but it does, this is another human right violation.

Sexual Human right abuses go unpunished whilst the government does nothing to prevent future offences from taking place

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