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Not even the Panamanian Embassy would attend their own fundraiser for the people of Panamá

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Memory Lane

1950 2009 2017

2009; a special container was laid on from London loaded with much-needed hospital beds including anti-bacterial mattresses plus hundreds of other medical supplies, including a play area. These items were duly delivered directly to San Jose hospital, and on time, then handed over to the director.

As a way of saying thank you for my good work, 3 years later I was then chained to my own bed that I had donated to the hospital, after falling ill in La Palma before giving my testimony about the true events as to what happened, and to how my ex-wife and family falsely accused me and my employee Angel Delgardo of being witches, or Harry Potter. 

Pictured Above Centre: Angl Delgardo, Hospital secretary, Nicholas Tuffney, Jacqueline Homewood, Dr Garcia & Dr Hernandea

This was not the one and only time San Jose had received substantial donations, below pictured is our depository located in Arrijhan, Ministry of Salud trucks would turn up and be loaded up with supplies destined for San Jose hospital in La Palma including items like Photocopiers, office equipment & supplies, and computers/printers.

For a Gringo to make this much effort for the public benefit and to go the extra mile in shipping containers halfway around the globe from the United Kingdom to Panama, plus securing the logistical challenges in getting the containers into the deepest areas of Darien solely for the less fortunate, and at no cost to Panamá but a logistical nightmare for the British American Foundation.

Below picture is the British American Foundation with the Rotary of Panamá.

Below are the hospital beds before the British American Foundation got involved.

We at Panama Human Rights ask the question as to why the president can not do the same for his people! Regardless of my expulsion from Panama, our drive and determination to continue our fight for these Darienistas will never falter, we will not stop and we will still provide help for the people of Darien and this hospital in the future, regardless of governments.

Top Left: Primitive kitchens at La Palma Hospital Top right: School desks provided to Paritilla school,

Bottom left: School supplies supplied to Quintin School, Bottom right: Foundation trustee's on a donation drive.

Education: Continued to be deficient in the indigenous comarcas, especially above the primary grades. There were not enough teachers due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the areas, with many multi-grade schools, often poorly constructed and lack of running water.

Containers leaving London for Panamá

The British American foundation has done some amazing things, but to us the most amazing thing was when my Ex-wife and her family (Gallardo’s) broke into the foundation property and stole Laptops destined to the teachers at Mogue school plus 30 complete school uniforms destined for Llanito Bonito school including Mogue, all were stolen from the foundation when the Gallardo’s entered. Children relied on these uniforms as Panama law will not let a child into school without a uniform. The government fails to help in any meaningful way in increasing the allowance for those in deprived in rural areas, prices can be as much as double, the limited funding received goes nowhere near to buying a uniform or even textbooks, and in most cases Indian children can not attend school because of the strict uniform rules.

The Ministry of Education will present today a bonus of $20 to parents to purchase uniforms and school supplies, as well as free textbooks.

About 800,000 students nationwide and 38,000 school teachers went to the 3,145 school campuses around the country this Monday morning to begin the new school year. This year, the Ministry of Education made some adjustments, such as the implementation of the quarters, which will allow students to receive more hours of classes. The first quarter begins on the 28th February and the last ends on 23 December, according to Executive Decree 896 of October 25. The Ministry of Education will present today a bonus of $20 to parents to purchase uniforms and school supplies, as well as free textbooks. They will also distribute backpacks with school supplies, but staggered. Today they will be delivered in the Eastern part of the province of Panama, the areas of the Ngäbe Buglé, Embera and Kuna Yala, as well as in the provinces of Bocas del Toro, Darién, Colón, and Veraguas, as well as in the regions affected by the floods of last December. While in Western Panama and San Miguelito, the backpacks will be distributed after March 15, and in Chiriqui and Cocle they will be received after 15 April, and on 2 May the delivery plan moves to Herrera, Los Santos, and Panama City. It is expected that the president, Ricardo Martinelli and the Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar will attend the Bolivar Business Institute located on Avenida Mexico to chair a special act of the opening of the academic year. (Panama America) 

​Letters of commendation from La Palma

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