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No police auctions in Panama are a scam

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

In every civilised society the police are transparent, so we think. We at Panama human rights want to know where all the personal property goes after an inmate has served his time, or has been released innocent, or when a prison raid has taken place, all the items just seem to vanish, never to be seen again.

In Mr Tuffney’s case nothing of his was ever returned totalling $2,000, and the same applied to many inmates who would like their personal property returned, out of everyone who Mr Tuffney knows not one had their property returned after their release.

In Panama there are no public auctions, so who in Panama is lining their pockets out of someone’s miss fortune. We believe the police when they say to “Protect and Serve” but failed to mention, and to “Honor” the public faith. The polices response is we destroy all items, rather than giving them to good causes to serve the public benefit... Yeah sure.

The same applies to the Tocumen airport with lost luggage, nothing ever is auctioned off !

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