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New Mega La Joya, a $190 million dollar tax payers project, no water in the cells, no water.....

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

in the cells, no water in the toilets, so lets use the fire hose, in desperate times calls for desperate measures

The celebration of birthdays and tributes within the Nueva Joya penitentiary is part of a supposed network that operates and in which custodians and prisoners are involved, who hold events where the entry of prohibited articles is given.

Sources revealed that the organization of the events is under the tutelage of the so-called "administrative custodians", who operate in at least four pavilions of the penitentiary, specifically the A, B, D, E.

The complaint arose after social media circulated a video where several detainees celebrated with music and allegory a culeco inside the center's facilities

The sources said that the members of this network are the ones who decide who to invite to their parties and by whom they are organized.

The parties inside the jail have a cost ranging from $ 1,000 to 2,500 dollars depending on the day, the sector and the applicant , this last point is the one that would be taken into account, according to the sources.

At parties, eccentricities rule to show who has more rank. They have not missed the flares, the liquor, the sound of the bullets and the custodians, friends of the birthday boys or honourees, who participate in the whole celebration and consume everything that the guests consume.

It was also learned that the administrative custodians organize ghost searches in order to deprive the inmates of their personal and private belongings and subsequently, supposedly, resell them to other inmates.

The sources stated that they do not know if this alleged irregularity is known by the authorities of the General Directorate of the Penitentiary Center, since, apparently, the custodians charge the private ones to offer them special treatment.

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