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Naval Engineer Demands $5 Million from The Panamanian Government for his ill treatment and.....

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Human Right abuses suffered by him at the hands of President Varela’s Police

Rafael Martínez, naval engineer, who reported he was unfairly arrested and beaten by the police a year ago, filed a lawsuit before the Supreme Court of Justice against the Government for $5 million.

Rafael Martínez, father and attorney of the plaintiff, went before the Supreme Court of Justice today in order to demand compensation for his son.

In September of last year Martínez was hanging out with his girlfriend at a party on the third floor of a building in San Miguel, Calidonia, when the police arrived.

According to the complaint, ten agents brutally beat the young man and arrested him without any charges for over 24 hours. Pictures displayed by the family clearly showed the young man with his face swollen and bruised.

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