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Mr. Tuffney is still undergoing medical help to this day for the Torture & ill-treatment he...

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

suffered by the Panamanian state. Now the UK & American taxpayers have to pick up all his current, and future medical costs!

Mr. Tuffney returns to the hospital in the UK to undergo further treatment for what Panama did to him.

10th December 2018 - Mr. Tuffney’s residence.

The law in Panama is clear, it mentions in the pamphlet below that before anyone can be deported out of the country they must have a full medical, and a physiological exam, this is not the case at the immigration deportation center in Panama. No one has the opportunity to a physiological evaluation or a full medical; many leave the deportation center with tuberculosis, hypertension disorders and other diseases, some including myself had open on-going medical appointments at the Santo Tomas hospital in Panama City.

Panama should be held accountable and be held responsible for the contamination to the unsuspecting general public on flights leaving the state, many passengers who were contaminated had no idea how they contracted viruses.

A typical example of this was with Mark Shepherd who upon arrival in Canada in 2016 was diagnosed upon arrival with tuberculosis, and hepatitis C leaving the Canadian state to pick up all his medical costs and over $90,000 in pharmaceuticals, plus his dental expense being the state did not maintain his teeth whilst in detention.

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