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Literally, all of Panamanian police, and custodials pressured and extracted bribes from Mr Tuffney..

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

so he could have his basic human rights, otherwise to be denied or neglected. These mug shots are all of President Varela’s employees and can be all be verified by independent witnesses. Many worked relentlessly to assist Mr Tuffney to expose these corrupt individuals, who still work in the penitentiary system to this day.

Here are all the Panamanian Police that have demanded and accepted $100 bribes from Nick Tuffney so he could get his basic human rights whilst in La Joya:

Varela, 5 years and still your police are still corrupt, and working for you….. Your pledge 5 years ago has made no impact. Until you leave office and give the country over to someone who can follow through on their pledge and do the job they were elected for, can the Citizens of Panama expect anything more from their government ?


Panama cops most bribed as systemic corruption expands 24/09/2019


The Global Corruption Barometer of 2019, produced by Transparency International,(TI ) shows that 56% of Panamanian citizens believe that corruption has increased in the last 12 months.

The Foundation for the Development of Citizen Freedom, the Panamanian chapter of TI presented the 10th edition of the report covering Latin America and the Caribbean. The surveys used were conducted between January and March 2019.

The report shows that institutions, where Panamanians paid the most bribes, were the police with 29% and in public services with 14%, which coincides with the regional trend," said the Foundation.

Within the regional international classification, Panama is the fifth country with the highest perception that corruption increased in the previous year, preceded by Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Trinidad, and Tobago.

“The citizens of the region mark an extreme concern about corruption and consider it a very big problem since 11 of the 18 countries, starting with Panama, mark that particular concern up 90%,” says the report.

Carlos Barsallo, one of the exponents of the report, said that in Panama more than $10 billion have been lost due to corruption. ”

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