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Laundering and corruption complaint filed against ex-president Juan Carlos Varela.

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Law professor Miguel Antonio Bernal and the lawyer Sidney Sitton, who is part of the defence team of former President Ricardo Martinelli have filed a complaint against the ex-president Juan Carlos Varela for alleged money laundering, organized crime, unjustified enrichment, illegal association and corruption of public servants.

The complaint was lodged on Wednesday afternoon, July 17, at the office of the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office, Primary Care Section.

Bernal told the media that he filed the complaint against Varela for his high level of involvement in the Odebrecht issue and the receipt of funds from the "bribery company".

For Bernal, the Attorney General's Office and other authorities have protected the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. "We appeal to the right that assists us as citizens and the laws of this country to investigate former president Varela.


Good news for all folk’s, Investigation of former president Varela is said to be now underway, 26 July 2019

An investigation of the ex-president Juan Carlos Varela has already opened, after a complaint of money laundering, organized crime, illicit association, corruption of servers and unjustified enrichment, for his alleged linkage to the collection of Odebrecht bribes through an aka Cachaza has already begun, says Attorney General Kenia Porcell according to a Critica report.

Porcell said that it was "false" that she wants to protect the former president who appointed her. “The protection of Varela is a “media invention,” she said.

“Kenia Porcell does not investigate this person who appoints me (Varela)… I do not have that competence… that that is the job of the anti-corruption prosecutors” reports the Martinelli owned newspaper.

According to the complainants of law professor Miguel Antonio Bernal and Sidney Sittón, one of Ricardo Martinelli’s, lawyers a series of companies and individuals who served as “frontmen were used for the commission of bribes “illicit”,”. This group includes Jaime Lasso, Michell Lasso, Don James Foundation, Juan Antonio Niño, Margarita Reategui de Niño and Carlos Dubey.

They also claim that Chinese companies such as BK Rekhatex (HK) Ltd., Taishan Rongfeng Printing Plastic Ltd., and Taishan Baofeng Plastic Hardware Co. were employed.

The lawyer’s request to release judicial assistance to the Bank of China (Taishan Sub-Branch, Postal Savings Bank of China and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) banks.

Recent reports reveal that Odebrecht gave $ 16 million to a character in Panama identified as "Cachaza." says Critica.

Since 2007, "Cachaza" or "Cachaça" has been the recipient of 55 transactions, said La Prensa which also warned that many of the payments are directly related to figures of the Panamenista Party, including Jaime Lasso, and Deputy Jorge Alberto Rosas, as well as V Tech and Poseidon Enterprises.

In Brazil, an alcoholic beverage that is obtained as a product of the distillation of sugarcane juice is called cachaza, just like a drink in Panama reports Critica.

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