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La Joya hospital, Pavilion 7, November 2018, 5 years of Varela and he still illtreats his own people

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

with degrading and inhumane conditions. Mr President, everyone has a human right, and medical is one of them. Shame on you for treating the Panamanian people like dogs!

This video portion relates only to how the Panamanian’s are being treated by their own government, this government basically does not care, or respect human rights if you have been condemned.

Well maybe and with god’s blessing the boot will be on the other foot in 2019 when the elections are over. With a new government Varela and his close government friends can taste true living conditions for themselves in La Joya. We at “Panama Human Rights” will be there with our supporters to welcome him in.

Our network covers all the Panamanian prisons, so which ever one he turns up at we will have an initiation ceremony ready and waiting for him, and his cronies.

#PresidentVarela #LaJoyaprisonPanamá #PanamáGovernment #Panamá #Testimonial

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