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Invitation by the American Ambassador Woody Johnson for a Q & A Via Twitter

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

May 8th - Twitter Day

In an effort to have my voice heard, and to fight for my son, I took up the offer to join in on the Q & A with the American Billionaire Ambassador Woody Johnson, I went under the profile name of (My Boy Jason)

With Ambassador Johnson's influence and contacts I seriously thought he could be just the ticket to fix my nightmare, and take an interest in my case, especially when it concerns an American abducted child locked inside a foreign state for 10 years without a father or a mother, and without any contact for the foreseeable future.

The tweets below were sent to the Ambassador Woody Johnson but sadly he only wanted to reply back to questions of his choosing. Out of all of the people on that day who did ask questions he only managed to respond to just a handful, one of those thankfully happened to be mine, but sadly he made no effort when the question popped up regarding the situation of my son in the Republic of Panamá.

If this was your child Mr Ambassador you would feel slightly angry and let down, as you took no interest in my family situation what so ever!

The Ambassador did respond to a Tweet and mentioned “He likes solving problems and creating opportunities for everyone”, Well Mr Ambassador, I am of the understanding that my child's case is not classed as a problem to you! And one which you feel is not worth solving. Maybe sir you should stop using your Johnson & Johnson baby oil you would not slip so easily through the questions!

From reading Ambassador Johnson's Tweets, he is certainly comes across as a family man who loves his kids and his family, but his failure in not responding at all to any of my questions pertaining to my son leaves me dismayed and totally disgusted, the Ambassador did not have the courtesy to arrange for a member of his staff to contact me, even after the Twitter feed was closed. If the Ambassador was at all concerned for Jason’s welfare, he would of followed up on my questions, being they were involving an innocent American child.

Mr Ambassador you and your team need to take your Q & A more seriously and act upon your words rather than cherry picking questions that suit your mood and your ego. Many American citizens here in the UK have serious issues on the table, but you have decided that you would rather Tweet and take questions about the Ambassador’s residence, and if you have an English Chef, this I feel was totally inappropriate considering I thought you are a father yourself and a family man with values and morals, Sadly, not from my prospective as a tax paying citizen.

The Embassy did take notice of my Tweets when it came to praising the Ambassador, in turn placing an emoji of a heart, then saying “The Embassy London liked your Tweet”, but failed to place any caption or comments when I asked for assistance in my Tweets below.

Read: Nick Tuffney's letter to Ambassador Woody Johnson here

After the Q and A session had finished with the Ambassador, I focused directly onto Donald Trump’s Twitter feed account to post my feelings, and to see if I could get any type of a response, sadly this also died a death. This whole process was a total joke, especially when Ivanka Trump promoted on the same day as the Q and A that she is raising awareness on children to “Be Best” campaign. How can my boy “Be Best” when locked into a third-class Latin state, where education is extremely poor and no opportunity for him to “Be Best” especially when he has no dad or family to mentor him!

#AmbassadorWoodyJohnson #NicholasTuffney #UnitedKingdom

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