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International child abduction is a criminal offence but no one has heard Mr Tuffney’s voice...

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

There is another human right, and that is “ The Rights of a child”, Mr Tuffney has been fighting for 10 years, without any contact, or sighting of his son. It is a violation of human rights that the state expelled Mr Tuffney for life, considering he was never charged, or convicted of any crime.

Mr & Mrs Tuffney with son Jason, Paritilla, Darien 2007

The national capture warrants in the PDF below were personally signed off by ex-wife Laura Gallardo and issued from the court house in Via Espania, Panama City.

Laura Tuffney’s sole objective was to put Mr Tuffney into jail and further isolate him from his son. When Laura Tuffney had put Mr Tuffney into jail she was able to take total advantage over her son and Mr Tuffney’s assets, thus Mr Tuffney would have no voice, or rights whilst incarcerated.

Laura Tuffney and her co-conspirators (Family) were too focused on putting him away, at any cost. Mr Tuffney had many National police capture warrants issued, on many occasions, sometimes multiple capture warrants for the same month, for being 1 day late in paying $15,000.00. That amounts to $144,000 a year to support his young son, providing for food, clothing and necessities. An exorbitant amount for Panama and Central America where the minimum wage is $600 per month and the President of Panama and the Mayor of Panama City are paid $84,000 per year (Wikipedia)

A custody hearing planned, in the family courts in 2013 over his son Jason nearly did not happen. Mr Tuffney’s ex-wife believed he had not paid the child support the day before the hearing. Upon arrival at the court house, he was greeted by 4 police cars accompanied by 12 heavily armed police officers, including the ex- wife’s brother “Henry Gallardo". The Police detained Mr Tuffney until he could produce a deposit slip showing the transfer had taken place, Mr Tuffney had paid 13 hours prior.

This type of manipulation of the judicial system to stop a hearing for visitation happens a lot in Panama, especially to foreigners, In Mr Tuffney’s opinion, what his ex-wife did was tantamount to child cruelty in not giving his child the right and benefit of both parents.

Video below is a video about the abuses and un-ethical uses of Pelle police in revenge attacks, the program is not fit for purpose and harms innocent Panamanians. When you are captured, if afterwards you do not go to the central police headquarters in Panama and remove the notice you are still a wanted person on Pelle police.

Many Panamanians can ill afford an attorney at the best of times, hiring an attorney for a second time puts many Panamanians into serious debt for the same notice. Mr Tuffney was captured 4 times using this method, 1st time was in Penonume a corrupt officer was paid $20, to be freed, 2nd time was in Metiti whilst donating to Commissioner Albero, Chief of Police for Senafront, Mr Tuffneys' ex-wife's' cousin at that time was posted at Metiti headquarters, she rang me in, I was arrested then transferred to Cheop, then to Ancon, then to the courthouse, this process took 3 days. 3rd Captured at Tocumen airport on a capture notice issued by Interpol, 4th San Miguelito to court when Henry Gallardo was used in the identification of me to the police for the capture.


What is Pele police and how it works:

Below is the same police officer Mr Tuffney personally knew through the British Embassy, and who is now living the swanky prison life style with Ricardo Martinelli in El Renacer prison (Gustavo Perez) who at the time was Chief of Police for Panamá. His business card saved Mr Tuffney’s from many traffic tickets, especially when turning left out of Price Mart in Via Israel.

Click the below image to read the Pelle Police Report:

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