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Senor Jose Luis Castile Allen, from Honduras, speaks out on human rights abuses in La Joya.

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Jose came from poverty stricken Honduras, his situation is rather different as to why he ended up in La Joya. His mother had serious medical issues and could not afford medication, Jose, a Christian, decided to take matters into his own hands and face danger so as to save his mother from more pain.

Jose's only quick fix to save his mother was to be a drug mule; he was caught at Tocumen airport in Panamá. Whilst in La Joya he had no funding from anyone and was at the very bottom of the food chain, he turned his hands to doing the laundry for wealthier prisoners as a way to pay for basics, such as toilet paper and water.

Today: Jose was released in 2018 onto the streets of Panama where he is actively involved in a church and trying to re-establish his life after his ordeal, his mother sadly died whilst he was in La Joya.

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