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If the Nuevo Carcel Grand La Joya is good enough for the American Ambassador well it must be good...

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

enough for us!

Panama 20 May 2015.- -.El Ministry of Government (MINGOB), will receive a significant contribution by the Embassy of the United States, in order to strengthen the Directorate General of Prisons and modernization projects and re-socialization.

It fell to the Vice President and Foreign Minister of Panama, Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado, representing the Government of the Republic, signing with Ambassador of the United States in Panama, Jonathan D. Farrar, the deed of gift in the amount of $ 850 000 million, in order to strengthen various projects mainly in the implementation of the security sectors of Panama under the supervision of the Ministry of Security.

A percentage of this donation will be used for developing projects of the Penitentiary System under the Ministry of Government Administration.

This event was attended by Minister of Government, Milton Henriquez; the Deputy Minister Maria Luisa Romero and Deputy Minister of Multilateral Affairs and Cooperation, Maria Luisa Navarro and managers of the security sectors.

Deputy Minister for Romero, the US Embassy has been supporting the penitentiary system in all its projects, highlighting the Prison Training Academy, which is one of the greatest achievements in the prison system as a country, and also highlights the support equipment and training.

While Ambassador Jonathan Farrar said it is extremely important to continue working with the Ministry of Government on this matter. He said that we are currently supporting young Pacora Center and will continue to cooperate in the training of guards and other prison areas.

To further prove contract killings are possible to this day you need to open up our page on money Laundering & Western Union section, this page shows how money is still entering in 2018 and goes totally unnoticed, except obviously, with the help of many corrupt prison guards and the police who still work to this day and who are totally un-monitored.

Spot the difference between the New $160 million prison toilets and the old 1950 prison toilets.

Spotted the difference! NO WATER

Pictured right is not water, but urine gathered in a separate 5-gallon bucket then used to flush.

This link will show you where the American and British tax dollars have gone in building this new Mega La Joya.

2017 & 2018; Western Union's are still going undetected with the help of Prison guards and the Police

We at Panama Human Rights have no idea who the recipients are collecting the funds from Western Union in Panama City. We are led to believe it is most likely a prison guard or a police officer on behalf of the inmate at Mega La Joya.

Sex rooms still exist including guns and grenades. Welcome to the New Grand Mega La Joya Facility

Celdas Conyugales (sex room), We at Panama Human Rights still wonder if condoms are freely available in the new Mega La Joya facility or are they classed as prohibited items for the visitors because they are dangerous and could be used to strangle another inmate or be used for holding desperately needed water!

Sex beds in Mega La Joya prison:

Still to this day despite the United States and British Embassy’s giving their stamp of approval to this new facility saying “It’s a great improvement” and meets UN guidelines, why then do inmates still have no water for the toilet and washing clothes or a shower?

The shower cubicles shown in the video are as new as the day they were installed due to no water. Water, when it does come, is delivered by truck from the local river and is immediately captured into empty soda bottles for daily survival.

Besides cells having non-functioning showers there are also communal shower rooms. These are also unconnected to the main water supply leaving inmates taking a bucket and filling it with water from the bottled deposits that they had saved in their cells.

Laundry facilities are still extremely limited with no access to wash or dry their clothes, a proper well-balanced food program has still not been implemented leaving prisoners malnourished and in a poor quality of health, this is in total violation of international treaties that Panama signed, this shows Panamanians as well as International Human Rights are not being observed or upheld to this day under this current government.  

Yet more problems still exist in the Mega La Joya facility

Mr President, even your Police confirm violations of Human Rights!

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