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How does it feel to be deemed guilty before trial and being held in a cutthroat Panamian Prison?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

How does it feel to rise to the top of the medical and public arenas in your adopted country, only to crash miserably to earth under allegations of fraud and money laundering? Suffering from terminal cancer in a prison? In short: What is it like to be Dr Arthur Porter? There are a few contemporary figures in Canada more intriguing and controversial than the former spy watchdog of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. A physician by trade, Porter, always in his iconic bow tie, has been described as intelligent, charismatic, and relentless in his ambitions. Others have called him deceitful, manipulative, and unscrupulous.

About the Author:

Arthur Porter is an oncologist, businessman and healthcare administrator with far-reaching international experience. Born in Sierra Leone, Porter has served on dozens of committees, published hundreds of scholarly works and received numerous political appointments in several countries. He lived in Nassau, Bahamas.

Michelle Garibay

4.0 out of 5 stars This was great insight.

29 November 2016 - Published on

Verified Purchase

It's very informative. Not enough research has been done on La Joya prison in Panama City, this was great insight.

Nick Tuffney and Ambassador Arthur Porter, Building Six December 2013

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