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Four Arrested As "Hit men For Hire" In Bocas del Toro, Panamá. Well Mr President.....

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

you need to inform the minister for tourism that all is not well when it comes to tourist safety, these occurrences happen on a daily basis

Four suspected assassins were captured early yesterday, Sunday 23 September in Changuinola, Bocas del Toro province. Some of them confessed to their involvement in the murder of the Customs official, Virgilio Abrego, 32, whose funeral was taking place, by chance, just as his killers were being captured. Roberto De Arco, the Prosecutor of Bocas del Toro, said this, is a case of murder for hire.

According to De Arco, they were sent to kill the Customs officer to settle an account, but he did not specify the reason regarding the case of the nine year old girl who was found dead in a bag under a bridge on the Oeste Arriba in Almirente, he said the investigations were continuing.


Panama attracting more European visitors

The flow of European visitors to Panama in 2017 increased 8.1 percent to 227,963, (17,070 more than the previous year)

European airlines that increased passenger revenue in 2017 were: Iberia, with a total of 69,381 passengers, some 9,501 more than in 2016, a growth of 15.9%; and KLM, with a total of 55,519 passengers, about 2,044 more than in 2016, increasing by 3.8%.

Air France follows with a total of 51,326 passengers, some 7,940 more than in 2016, with an increase of 18.3%.

The visitors come mainly in search of experiences with nature and culture, and go to destinations such as Bocas del Toro, Boquete, Tierras Altas, Boca Chica, Pedasi, the Azuero region, the Pacific beaches and the Antón Valley in Coclé.

The connectivity of the country, through direct flights to key destinations in Europe such as Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and charter flights from Poland continues to strengthen Panama as the Hub of the Americas.

It is anticipated that the start of direct flights to Panama by Air China starting in March 2018, from the city of Beijing, will attract a flood of Chinese tourists.

In the target markets, according to recent Google measurements, during the launching period in 2017, Panama took the YouTube network as one of the countries with the most views and significantly increased searches related to trips to Panama.

The mentions of Panama increased by more than 66% in cities of the United States, Canada and Spain, between January and November of 2017. While the traffic on the page was up more than 500% and the campaign achieved 36 million views.


JUSTICE was swift for three men charged with robbing and raping a woman tourist in Santa Fe in the north of Veraguas on Saturday, December 9

The suspects accepted their guilt and on Saturday, December 16 were sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The owner of a hostel in Santa Fe reported the disappearance of a tourist and began a search thinking that she had been dragged into the overflowing Bulaba river nearby. The victim was rescued near the river and upon arrival at the hospital, the woman reported what had happened.

One of the detainees confessed to abusing the woman three times, and when she fought with him they fell into the river and were later rescued at different points reports El Siglo.

Muere una persona por disparos en Arraiján

Un hombre, cuyo nombre no ha sido revelado, fue asesinado a tiros dentro de un vehículo en los estacionamientos del súper Xtra de Arraiján en la provincia de Panamá Oeste. De acuerdo a testigos, los asesinos se le acercaron a la víctima, le dispararon y se dieron a la fuga en un auto, sedán, blanco. La policía montó un operativo para dar con la captura de los sospechosos, lo que logró a la altura del Puente Centenario. Tres personas fueron capturadas, dos hombres y una mujer fueron detenidos. Dentro del vehículo se encontraron armas 9 mm.

Do not send your children, or any family member on vacation to P A N A M A

These people below have disappeared or been killed whilst in Panama! If you think Panama Human rights is giving you fake news. Google the images, all happened in Panama!


Panama authorities conduct raids as part of investigation into mystery death of Columbia graduate, 23, whose body was found on a hiking trail

Catherine Johannet, of Scarsdale, New York, was found dead on hiking trail on Bastimentos Island Sunday afternoon

Johannet was last seen alive Thursday morning when she left her hostel on Colon Island on her way to Red Frog Beach, never to return


Bloody March: Most killings in 15 years

The month of March 2018 was listed as the bloodiest in 15 years with 43 murders in the most violent provinces: Panama 27, Colon 7, Panama West 5, and Chiriqui.3. The Guna Yala Comarca had one killing according to figures compiled by El Siglo.

The deaths were largely among criminal groups with 17 listed as executions, up three from February Six people were murdered between March 24 and 25, , including a double homicide

The country registered 116 homicides, in the first three months. The province of Panama topped the list with 67.

During March there were three double homicides. The first at midday on March 15 in the parking lot of Centennial Plaza, Betania. A Chinese man who owed casino gambling debts shot and killed his lender Xi Jian Liu, 61, and Qiwen Chen.

The second occurred on March 25 when the dead bodies of retired lieutenant Pablo Bernal Betancourth, 59, and his nephew Armando Serracín, 35, were found in Villa Lobos, Pedregal.

The third was held on March 28 at Playa Grande, San Carlos when the bodies of a man and a Venezuelan woman were found. Both had a bullet in the head.

Guna Yala, recorded its first homicide when Marco Raunelio Calvo Arias, 29, was gunned down by assailants who arrived by boat to El Porvenir, in Narganá. Police reported that it was a drug settlement.

On March 29, Holy Thursday, a Chinese laundry owner shot his wife in the laundry on, Avenida Nacional, Calidonia. Prediction Bernal Belgium director of the Institute of Criminology of the University of Panama said that if nothing is done to rescue today’s young people In 20 years, what is happening in the country will triple.


January 2019, 41 Murders, a record & Panama still promotes tourism

Panama recorded 41 murders in the 31 days of January this year with the provinces of Panama and Colon the most violent.

In 2018 there were 32 killings in the month.

According to figures from the Public Ministry in 2018, there were a total of 439 murders nationwide, mostly gang-related.

The province of Colon got the murder carnage underway with three killings on January 1; Omar Cummins, 18, was shot to death in the early hours of the New Year when heading for a party, he strayed into the wrong area during a gang territorial dispute. In San Miguelito, there were two homicides on the first day of the year.

Venezuelan Marian Maciel Martín, a waitress at a restaurant, in Betania was an innocent victim when two armed men arrived to assassinate a customer.

The gang-related killing rampage continued through the month. Luis Chifundo Scoot was gunned down in front of the police barracks in Villa del Caribe, Colón. In, Pedregal Isaac Ernesto Busto Varela 22, was out walking when he was shot and left dead on a sidewalk.

Richard González Montezuma, 21, was killed in Chiriquí when he was home with his family and three hooded individuals entered the residence and threatened them to deliver the money they had received

Domestic violence

Police officer Agustín Muñoz,34, died after being stabbed by his wife during an argument that turned violent.

Venezuelan Anghely Katerine Reyes, who was awakened by her ex-husband, who was under a restraining order, but entered through the roof of the house. The police and managed to save Anghely's two small children, but she did not run with luck and her ex-husband cut her throat during a police standoff

'Victor Chan Castillo, a criminal lawyer, and a professor said that the year has started very violently, so we cannot expect anything good. '”We do not have a criminal policy, we do not have a proper reconciliation method either. We have all the boys stuck there but there is no rehabilitation program at the State level and tougher penalties are not having results, "he said.

"I think we have to change or look for a formula matched with the national reality."

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