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Flying Fridge

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

16/08/2013 La Joya Security:

A True story that did truly happened: The La Joya Director Ronaldo Lopez office is located in the administration building and under lock and key with 24-hour security and 3 police checkpoints located away from building 6.

How did the director's refrigerator and laptop get stolen from his office then glide pass 3 checkpoints and then end up in the cell of Marcelo Roman Ardalla / Cell B3 where he was later caught 7 days later selling ice for 50c bags, if a fridge can pass so can a AK-47 We at Panama Human Rights have heard of drones bringing in items illegally but have never heard of one that can fly a fridge.

15/10/2013, Besides inmates wanting to revamp their cells, 15sq meters of tiles also went missing from outside the administration building including a bag of quick-drying cement, by the time the authorities cottoned on and found they were short on tiles for the job for the administration offices they started to investigate, when they did finally find them in Cell A18. It was too late as they had been set in concrete, but Jose Juan Vazquez and his other cellmates had the prettiest cell on the block that had increased its resale value from $500 to $ 800 per bunk complete with an on-suite, bed space was a valuable commodity and a good investment on the resale market as buyers outstripped sellers 50 to 1. 

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