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Fantastic Panama! Graduating 6,249 prisoners. Congratulations!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Now Panama will receive millions of dollars in aid from international donors, such as the EU and the USA for supporting human rights for prisoners.

Panama, you failed to mention in the small print that the education that is taught is the most basic in a kindergarten class. Most inmates are from Columbia and poorer Latin American countries, were drug mule’s for drug lords and lived in poverty in rural areas where there is no education and most people are illiterate and have no interest in being educated at 50, they just want to get home to their families, and will do whatever it takes to get there.

So, when Panama means to graduate, it means graduated from playschool to kindergarten, the picture below promoted in the news is dated 29th July 2019. The one issue is that inmates who are awaiting their hearing, some up to six years are disqualified from kindergarten and playschool, only the convicted are allowed.

A typical situation for a prisoner in Panama:

You are waiting for your hearing for up to 6 years, if you were convicted straight away, and did schooling you would be freed within 4 years.

You finally have your hearing after six years and are found innocent, where is the justice Panama? where is the compensation...! No one is compensated, just devastated.

We ask why so many inmates want to be educated, (None of them do), but if the government does not show international standards in rehabilitation in Human Rights, they will lose the lucrative international free funding.

So the prisoners are offered 1/3 off their sentence if they attend, that is why Mr President you have an unusual amount of graduates in the July graduation, you gave them all carrots with a stick attached. What a joke! This is just another ploy in which Panama receives corrupt funding by faking the truth internationally to line the state’s coffers….!

La Joya prison: Purple, White, Red & Yellow T-shirt prisoners.

At least 6,429 inmates at the La Joya Prison Complex have graduated in high school degrees in commerce and humanities. Through education programs of the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System (DGSP), in coordination with the Ministry of Education (Meduca), during the last 15 years.

The task of training the prisoners of La Joya, La Joyita and La Nueva Joya, is carried out by the Faith and Hope Educational Centre.

DGSP Director, Walter Hernández, at a weekend graduation ceremony, said that education is a fundamental aspect for the current administration, in line with respect for the human rights of persons deprived of liberty.

Susana Real, director of the school, said that the educational program seeks that people deprived of liberty be reintegrated into society and in 15 years they have taken a second chance for students to return to society as men of good. You have failed to mention in this blog, all Internationals after graduation are deported from Panama for life never to return, but now at least they can all spell the word PRISON

For prisoner Maykol Pérez r, the school has been a great opportunity that allowed him to get away from bad friendships and helped him strengthen the desire to overcome, because, despite his situation, he wants to graduate from high school as a gift to his parents and then continue with the university. University of drug trafficking.

The ceremony was attended by Katherine Ulloa, General Secretary of the DGSP, the directors of the La Joya and La Nueva Joya centres, and Commissioner Luis Villegas, head of the external security of the La Joya prison complex La Jewel.

In 2018 only 296 prisoners graduated Kindergarten, then a year later 6,249, with this type of increase Panama receives a lot more money from the USA and EU community.

Have you ever seen in all the videos on this site where inmates wear Red ties with crisp white shirts, this is a political news stunt orchestrated by the government.

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