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Dr. Arthur Porter saved inmates daily from scorpion stings.....

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

teeth pulling with utility pliers, parasite infections and head injuries

On many ocassions Arthur was awoken in the middle of the night by fellow inmates, then quickly clutching his black medical bag, glasses and stethoscope was escorted to the injured or sick patients having limited supplies, he gave most of his personal medication to others with no thought for his own life, this is what we call at Panama Human Rights a true hero, a gentleman who thought of others before himself.

Sadly the children of these surviving inmates will never get the chance to say thank you to the extraordinary man who fought so hard every day dealing with head injuries, teeth pulling, surgeries, including dealing with my scorpion bite. Without Arthur's presence I can tell you, with my hand on my heart, that many would have died if it were not for this Superman personality.

Above: 3rd November 2013 Scorpion bite

What truly upsets us at Panama Human Rights is that everyone is too quick to judge without knowing the facts, or the truth, then smearing a family’s good name for life. We at Panama Human Rights only work on solid facts, as this site has proven, so when I say “Take it from me” Arthur was a religious man, Christian in his beliefs, and should have been given the medal for bravery by going the extra mile in the line of duty regardless of unfounded slanderous comments, he was the only one out of 477 who stood out from the crowd, and should be commended by all for his love and kindness to mankind.

May God Bless you Ambassador Porter & rest in peace my friend, a hero to the end, now you are freed from those chains.

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