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Don’t bounce a check in Panama unless you want the same fate as Mr Tuffney!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Well folks something else you aught to know. Beware, if it had not been for Mr Tuffneys' detention in the Ancon prison, he witnessed Internationals who suffered whilst visiting Panama, but in unusual circumstances.

Panama is like Monopoly, crook or not you'll fall on the “Go Straight To Jail Card” until you pay!

This is a true story of an American who lived in Trump Tower, an upmarket tower block in Costa el este, who found himself in Ancon prison, with an attorney’s bill for $5,000.00 plus a 48 hour stay with the most hardened criminals in Panama. This American only owed £1,500 for one months rent, the check bounced whilst he was in the process of changing banks. The check was not presented but instead the landlord used the free corrupt judicial process to evict the tenant.


Worth knowing before you go! In some countries people have been sentenced to 37 years in prison for a bounced cheque

A family man from my home town is desperately trying to get an appeal in the Qatari courts after being sentenced to 37 years in prison for a bounced cheque.

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