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Does mental torture exist in Panama’s prisons today?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

This is a true reality check of the mental state of mind inmates went through when placed under degrading and inhumane conditions, many self-harmed using cigarettes or knives to take them away from the reality of building six’s day to day life. Jonny pictured below left was one of many including myself who took to taking to this type of practice; this was the only avenue left when placed in extreme conditions in the Republic of Panama prisons. Sadly I will carry the scars which will last me a lifetime as a reminder of what real mental torture did to me personally.

The state did not, and still does not take mental illness seriously despite officials seeing what the living conditions did to inmates, this building ended up looking like a German prisoner of war camp when I walked out of building six in 2014.

We at Panama Human Rights, with your help, will fight to see that mental torture in Panama’s prisons is stopped using whatever legal means are possible.

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