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Dismantling corruption network in prisons: 13 detainees rounded up in Corruption Network...

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

of the Penitentiary System released and granted sentence reductions by altering inmates' files.

In "Operation Detention", 13 people were apprehended, including: 4 officials of the Penitentiary System; 3 former officials; 2 deprived of liberty and 4 individuals.

"The apprehensions occurred in the La Joya prisons, the Cecilia Orillac de Chiari Women's Rehabilitation Center, the Nueva Esperanza Prison in the province of Colón, as well as some residences and offices where the people allegedly involved worked," the Mingob reported.

Panamanian authorities managed to dismantle a network of corruption that operated in various prisons in the country the dismantling of the group was carried out through Operation "Reclusion", in which authorities of the Ministry of Government and officials of the Public Prosecutor's Office participated. According to a statement from Mingob, the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System, through the Department of the General Inspectorate, initiated an internal investigation since 2015 that allowed the detection of a supposed network that had been operating in the Penitentiary System for years. The network could involve officials, former officials, inmates and individuals who, in concert, among other things, would have altered sentences handed down by the Courts of Justice, falsified orders and freedom tickets, modified commutation lists of sentences and manipulated transfers. of deprived of freedom.

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